Monday, December 21, 2009

Christmas Jewellery

Almost all women love jewellery, especially as Christmas presents. So, here's a collage with some fabulous Christmas jewellery that might inspire you for your Christmas shopping. I love the dove earings! Your favorite?
From Left to Right:
1-Zoe & Morgan
2-Solange Azagury Partidge
3-Robinson Pelham
4-Philippa Holland
5-French Connection
7-Bijoux Heart
8-Astley Clarke

-The Trendy Fashionista


  1. hi again,
    so to follow up on where you can find some books i have a bunch. I'm looking through my collection right now and will tell you some of the best ones.
    so for drawing designs this book is amazing
    - New Fashion Figure Templates by Patrick John Ireland
    it has tons of womens mens and childrens templates in different positions and it shows how to draw accessories like shoes and bags and hat and even faces

    another one is
    -200 projects to get you into Fashion Design by Tracey Fitzgerald and Adrian Grandon
    this one is good for getting started

    this last one is called
    -The Sewing Book by Alison Smith
    this one has a bunch of techniques and she is a fashion director of FIT i think so it's really great

    i hope this helps you out I have alot more but im not going to list all of them. The sewing one is a little more advanced but I've only been sewing since the summer since I went to this sewing camp called Fashion Boot Camp
    That's where I learned all of my basics and it was super helpful. I've been sewing ever since and am a maniac when I'm at my machine. You should start out with a sketch book and work on some of your designs, I fill mine out super fast from inspirations from other blogs, art museums, and basically everywhere

    I'll stop writing since this is so much but I hope that helps you out
    maybe you could ask for some of the books for your holiday wishlist

    ask questions anytime

  2. Mine most certainly have to be 1, 2 and 5. Im a sucker for delicate jewellery!


  3. I like the no 3 ;)


  4. Ooo, they're so beautiful. I love #3.

  5. I'm a gemstone lover, so I would gladly accept that gorgeous amethyst ring!

  6. I like jewellry but I am more into boho grungy type jewellry. I could never find an occasion to wear this to.......


  7. i love jewelry for christmas presents too !
    awesome post !
    keep up the blogging work .

    wish you a merry christmas in 2 days !
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  8. thx for the follow too .
    will follow you back !

  9. OOOh I love the Astley Clarke ring! SO great to wear with any outfit....I wish I had a million dollars to buy myself all the jewelry in the world, mwah ha ha!!

  10. I adore the "love" ring and the purple one as well :)


  11. I love that ring with the huge purple jewel in it's center! gorgeous!

  12. i LOVE the ring(#3).. they're all great pieces though.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog :)

    Meho xx

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