Friday, July 30, 2010

An Image is Worth a Thousand Words

Street Style-Hanneli

Street Style-Hanneli-06

Street Style-Hanneli-15

Street Style-Hanneli-12

Street Style-Hanneli-04

Street Style-Hanneli-02

I will let these images speak more than my words.

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-The Trendy Fashionista

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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Meeting Jordi Labanda: Fashion Illustrator

Today you're going to meet (well, just virtually) one of my favorite fashion illustrators, Jordi Labanda.He was born in Mercedes, Uruguay, but at the age of three he moved to Barcelona, Spain. After studying industrial design,in 1993 Jordi Labanda began working as a commercial illustrator. Two years later, his designs spread widely around the world and they appeared in international press such as The New York Times Sunday Magazine, Marie Claire Latam, Vogue Us, Vogue Italy, and Vogue Spain. Jordi Labanda has also done special collaborations with companies. Just to name a few;  Louis Vuitton celebrating his 150 Anniversary, Cristallize Me with Swaroski,and his recent collaboration with the Museum of Comtemporary Art in Barcelona. 

With his designs, Jordi Labanda has published books, Hey Day and Si te he visto no me acuerdo. Among some of the things Jordi Labanda designs you can find notebooks, home accesories, candles, clothes, rugs, and stylish chocolate boxes.

The uniqueness and style of his designs have made them iconic and successful around the world.  I love how origianl and chic they are, do you?

So, if you want to learn more about Jordi Labanda and his designs visit his website. And if you are eager to buy those notebooks or any clothes from Jordi labanda visit his online shop here

Do you like Jordi Labanda's designs as much as I do?

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 -The Trendy Fashionista

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Black, White, and Some Grey


There is something I love about black and white photography. Even though it is simply black and white, and some shades of grey, it intrigues me.
Black and white photography gives you more freedom to imagine the colors of the image . When I come across black and white photo shoots in fashion magazines, I imagine the color of the gorgeous Lavin dress the model is wearing or maybe what color was her pair of Christian Luboutin high heels. Was the dress dark red and the heels black? Or, were the heels dark brown and the dress indigo?

Since colors aren’t set up for you, black and white photography also allows you to focus more on the outline and shape of things and eventually also the texture.
I thought this photo shoot ,featuring Constance Jablonski, was perfect to show you how interesting black and white photography can be.

Have a great weekend!

Source of images:
From: Grey Summer Spring 2010

Do you like black and white photo shoots?

-The Trendy Fashionista 

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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Guest Post : Fashion that Flatters your Figure

Everyone likes to look flettering and feel great with what they are wearing. Lyndsey has some  tips for different body shapes that can be really useful. It's worth reading, enjoy it!

Fashion to Flatter your Figure
By Lyndsey

Us girls come in all shapes and sizes, that's what makes us so fabulous! But, different shapes and styles of clothes flatter different body shapes, and it's important to know what these are so you can maximise your look. Don't envy other girls bodies, embrace your own and understand what looks best on your own body shape. Below, I have listed the most common body types for women, and which styles are best and worst for your shape.

Pear Shape

The most common shape of body is said to be the 'pear shape'. Girls with pear shaped bodies, tend to have a slender top half, delicate shoulders and a smaller bust and waist, with a bigger bottom half. Sometimes referred to as the curvy look, pear-shaped ladies will usually have a voluptuous bottom and hips. Pear-shaped celebrities include the stunning Beyonce, Lily Allen and Christina Aguilera.

To make the most of your bootylicious curves, you need to bring equal focus to your upper half, in order to balance out your look. Tops should be boldly patterned and you should also try to wear designs which make your shoulders appear bigger, as this will create a more symmetrical look. Bright coloured tops or tops with ruffles are always a good idea to bring attention to your top half. The best types of jackets to wear to complete your upper body look are long or three quarter length. Give your upper body an extra sparkle by adding lots of stunning accessories. A definite no-no for this type of body shape is tight fitting trousers or skirts, as this will only make your hips look bigger, you want to embrace your curves but not make this area look too large.  Dark colours are perfect for curves, as are boot cut jeans. Top of your pear shape look with a pair of killer heels.

Apple Shape

Another popular body shape is the apple. Apple shaped ladies usually have a full chest, a bigger belly and smaller bottom half. There tends to be little definition at the waist and small hips with slender legs. Celebrities with apple shaped bodies include Catherine Zeta Jones and Liz Hurley.

Styles for this body shape are the reverse of pear-shaped bodies, as you are looking to create more volume on the bottom half of your body. To do this you should wear skirts and trousers which are bold and patterned as this will even out your look. Wide leg jeans and boot cut are best as they will make the lower half look more voluptuous than it is. It is best to keep your top half relatively simple, with little patterns and dark colours, as otherwise you will make it look even bigger. Belts are also a must with the apple shape, to give more volume around your hips.

Hourglass Shape

One of the most womanly types of body shape is said to be the hourglass. The hourglass is favoured by men and was confidently represented by the gorgeous Marilyn Monroe. Women with this type of shape usually have a big bust with quite wide shoulders and hips and a very tiny waist. In order to make the most of your hourglass figure you should focus on clothes that will show off your waist and curves. Small belts that clinch your waist are favourable, as are tops which show off your bust, including scoop necks. Unlike some other shapes, you can wear tight fitting clothes with confidence with an hourglass body shape.

Remember, no matter what type of body shape you have, you can look absolutely fabulous just by choosing the right clothes.

Lyndsey McLaughlin is a content writer for Online Schools and Online MBA who gives advice on the pursuit of education and living a healthy life. In her free time she enjoys socialising, writing and cinema.

Thank you Lyndsey for doing this guest post!  
Do you have any other TIPS you would like to share?

Monday, July 19, 2010

Interview with Ana from ABATABA


 When you go inside a bakery, the warm smell of cupcakes, cookies, and cakes invades your nose and welcomes you inside. In Abataba's online shop, there's a good dose of creativity and originality that welcomes you to see the delicious jewelry that Ana makes.  What makes Abataba's jewelry delicious is that it is shaped like cakes, cookies, macarrons and anything you would love to eat at a bakery. If you're hungry to know more about Abataba, read my interview with Ana below.


1-The Trendy Fashionista (me): Why did you first become interested in fashion and especially in designing jewelry?  
Ana: I’m a fashion stylist, so I love fashion. I’ve been ‘designing’ (not in a professional way) jewelry for me and for my friends & family for so long, but three months ago approx., partly motivated by them, I decided to start this project and sell my designs professionally. When I started it, I was looking for something different, unique, because sometimes I felt bored of what I used to be in Fashion.

2-Why did you choose Abataba as your brand’s name? 
 I discovered this name in a palindrome’s book by chance when I was looking for the definitive brand’s name. I really liked it and I chose it.

3-Many of the jewelry you design is shaped like candy or sweets. Do you have any favorite bakeries you often go to where you get inspired?  
Not really. I love sweets but I don’t have a favourite bakery. I try to discover new shops which can inspire me, or I look for interesting and inspiring pictures, films, magazines, books. I think inspiration can be everywhere.


4-Where and how are your items produced?  
All of them are produced in Madrid (Spain). They are all handmade. I make them one by one, that’s why they are unique. And also, my sister Marta helps me a lot.

5-Among all of the multiple designs in your online shop, such as the cookie ring and the cake necklace, which one is your favourite? What is the best-selling product? 
 My favourite... I don’t know... I like all of them, but if I have to choose... maybe the chocolate sandwich necklace, the coffee ring, the silk bracelets.... that’s a difficult question :). Regarding the best-selling product, the tart rings, the chocolate sandwich necklace, croissant earrings...
*I have to say that is in Spanish and English!

abataba-collage6-In your online shop there is a page for Personalized Orders. How does that work?  
In this section, customers tell us what they want and we just make it. For instance, if they are looking for an accessory in a different colour, or if they want something exclusive... they send us an e-mail with their ideas and we come them true.

7-Have you thought about expanding your designs and creating clothes or bags?  
Yes, maybe in the future. We are thinking about it...

8-What other people make up your designing team?  
As I told you before, my sister, Marta, helps me a lot. She always has wonderful ideas!

9-Since this is a blog about fashion, how would you describe your personal style?
I like trends, of course, and it’s part of my job, but I don’t follow all of them ‘blindly’, I adapt them to me.

10-Is there anything interesting you are working on at the moment? 
 I’m always working and looking for new things. We hang up new items every week in Now I’m working on more sweet jewelry and new earrings, necklaces and bracelets. And, also, I’m starting to prepare some brooches. Our visitors will discover them so soon!  

11-Do you have any dreams you would like to achieve with your brand? 
 I’ve just started this amazing project, so I have a lot of dreams... I hope they will come true! For the time being, ABATABA is just a dream became true!!

 So, what are you waiting for and check out abataba's online shop. Abataba also has a very inspiring blog and recently joined twitter. You can follow abataba on twitter or become a fan on Facebook and get all of the latest news. I also want to thank Ana for making this opportunity possible. Thank you Ana!

Source of images:
Second collage from Abataba's blog.
Note: Collages made by me.

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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Chanel Fall 2010 Ad Campaign

Ever since I saw the collection from Chanel Fall 2010 at Paris Fashion Week (well, I actually saw the pictures on I fell in love with it and the whole display of the show. The enourmous iceberg right in the middle of the catwalk was impresive. Not to talk about the garments and jewelry that make me dream of owning them.

Today, I found these images from the Chanel Fall 2010 Ad Campaign. There is something that  caught my eye. Back when I saw the collection, I had never imagined that the ad could be displayed in the middle of a neiborhood down town New York. That probably doesn't bother me, it just makes the ad more "unique". 
I would love to see those two girls impeccably dressed in any ordinary setting like the one above. Once again, Karl Lagerfeld has proved that ordinary things can be chic and elegant.

Photographer: Karl Lagerfeld
Models: Freja Beha Erichsen and Abbey Lee Kershaw

What do you think about the Chanel Fall 2010 Ad Campaign?

-The Trendy Fashionista

Friday, July 9, 2010

Interview with Sabrina from afterDRK

Looking for new blogs is like a treasure hunt, you never really know what you're going to find.  Once, I was really lucky to come across afterDRK, a blog by a 22 year old Dutch girl named Sabrina. From then on, I keep going back to find to fullfill myself with the inspiration that this amazing blogger  offers. 

Sabrina ,who descrives herself as a "22 year old fashion-addict putting her outfits, cravings and thoughts up and around on the internet", shares what's behind her blog in this opportunity I got to interview her.


1- Since most of your readers probably haven’t met you in real life, how would you describe your personality to give them a clear picture of who you are?
Well, apart from the whole fashion loving person that I am (which you probably all know already), I think the best way to answer this is to give a couple of key words about me. I'm kind of a stickler, if there's something that I want I'm gonna go for it no matter what and don't stop until I have it. What is working a little against me while being a stickler is that I am a perfectionist too. I'm never done with working on something, cause there's always things that can be done better. And I am an extremely caring person. I'm always hoping for the best for everyone and I try to always respect people in a way that they respect me.

2- Why did you start bloging and what has continuously motivated you to do so?
I started blogging because I was getting this big amount of inspiration of other bloggers and I wanted to see if I could give a little inspiration back. For me this is my way to express myself, I used to do this by drawing a lot when I was little and this slowly changed into fashion (though I still like to draw sometimes).


3- How did you come up with After DRK as your blog’s name? Does it have any special meaning ?
AfterDRK means that time of the day right after it gets dark. I chose this name because of something I'm planning to do in the near future, but you're going to have to see.

4- When did you first become envolve in the world of fashion? Why?
When I was a little girl, my mom always used to drag me to all different kinds of shopping cities through out our country. She just loves shopping and everything that has to do with fashion so I think it's kinda in my genes haha. Though my sister doesn't share this interest at all.

5- Besides fashion and blogging what are your other interests?
As I already said I really like to draw, I'm a food loving person, enjoy hanging out with my friend and explore the world.

6- You’re often invited to fashion events like Amsterdam Fashion Week, Elle Beach Boat Parade, and LuisaViaRoma event. What was the best experience you had in those events?
I think to get invited to Florence for the LuisaViaRoma event was the most special, because there were lots of other bloggers that I am following for a long time now and it was a big honor for me to be able to be there with them. Also that I got recognized in London at a really nice party by people that I recognized from tv.
Sabrina at the Elle Beach Boat Parade

7- Anyone who reads your blog probably knows that you are a huge fan of Finsk wedges. What other designers or brands do you like?
This changes from time to time. I'm really into Scandinavian brands such as Acne. Their designs are always so clean, but with that special twist or edge that makes it interesting. There's a couple of Dutch designers that I'm a big fan of like Ilja Visser and Iris van Herpen and internationally I love Alexander Wang, though I didn't like his last collection at all.

Sabrina and her Finsk wedges

8- What beauty product can you not live without?
Anything MAC, I'm a huge fan of that brand.

9- How do you feel about being about having the whole Dutch fashion world looking at you at the moment?
I don't really see it like that, but it's amazing to be getting a lot of opportunities and be able to do something in this industry that I really love and started all by myself.


10- Now that you have recently graduated, what do you plan to do in your future? Do you have any fashion related goals you would like to achieve?
Yes I do have a big fashion related dream that I'm going for, but I'm not going to tell about it yet, sorry!

I also  want to thank Sabrina for the opportunity and for sharing new things with us. Thank you  Sabrina!
If you're dying to check out her blog click here. You will probably find yourslef eager to see Sabrina's  next post and will be visiting constantly, just like me! :) If you don't want to miss any of her posts you can follow her with Bloglovin'.

Note: All images above belong to afterDRK.

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