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Guest Post : Fashion that Flatters your Figure

Everyone likes to look flettering and feel great with what they are wearing. Lyndsey has some  tips for different body shapes that can be really useful. It's worth reading, enjoy it!

Fashion to Flatter your Figure
By Lyndsey

Us girls come in all shapes and sizes, that's what makes us so fabulous! But, different shapes and styles of clothes flatter different body shapes, and it's important to know what these are so you can maximise your look. Don't envy other girls bodies, embrace your own and understand what looks best on your own body shape. Below, I have listed the most common body types for women, and which styles are best and worst for your shape.

Pear Shape

The most common shape of body is said to be the 'pear shape'. Girls with pear shaped bodies, tend to have a slender top half, delicate shoulders and a smaller bust and waist, with a bigger bottom half. Sometimes referred to as the curvy look, pear-shaped ladies will usually have a voluptuous bottom and hips. Pear-shaped celebrities include the stunning Beyonce, Lily Allen and Christina Aguilera.

To make the most of your bootylicious curves, you need to bring equal focus to your upper half, in order to balance out your look. Tops should be boldly patterned and you should also try to wear designs which make your shoulders appear bigger, as this will create a more symmetrical look. Bright coloured tops or tops with ruffles are always a good idea to bring attention to your top half. The best types of jackets to wear to complete your upper body look are long or three quarter length. Give your upper body an extra sparkle by adding lots of stunning accessories. A definite no-no for this type of body shape is tight fitting trousers or skirts, as this will only make your hips look bigger, you want to embrace your curves but not make this area look too large.  Dark colours are perfect for curves, as are boot cut jeans. Top of your pear shape look with a pair of killer heels.

Apple Shape

Another popular body shape is the apple. Apple shaped ladies usually have a full chest, a bigger belly and smaller bottom half. There tends to be little definition at the waist and small hips with slender legs. Celebrities with apple shaped bodies include Catherine Zeta Jones and Liz Hurley.

Styles for this body shape are the reverse of pear-shaped bodies, as you are looking to create more volume on the bottom half of your body. To do this you should wear skirts and trousers which are bold and patterned as this will even out your look. Wide leg jeans and boot cut are best as they will make the lower half look more voluptuous than it is. It is best to keep your top half relatively simple, with little patterns and dark colours, as otherwise you will make it look even bigger. Belts are also a must with the apple shape, to give more volume around your hips.

Hourglass Shape

One of the most womanly types of body shape is said to be the hourglass. The hourglass is favoured by men and was confidently represented by the gorgeous Marilyn Monroe. Women with this type of shape usually have a big bust with quite wide shoulders and hips and a very tiny waist. In order to make the most of your hourglass figure you should focus on clothes that will show off your waist and curves. Small belts that clinch your waist are favourable, as are tops which show off your bust, including scoop necks. Unlike some other shapes, you can wear tight fitting clothes with confidence with an hourglass body shape.

Remember, no matter what type of body shape you have, you can look absolutely fabulous just by choosing the right clothes.

Lyndsey McLaughlin is a content writer for Online Schools and Online MBA who gives advice on the pursuit of education and living a healthy life. In her free time she enjoys socialising, writing and cinema.

Thank you Lyndsey for doing this guest post!  
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