Monday, July 19, 2010

Interview with Ana from ABATABA


 When you go inside a bakery, the warm smell of cupcakes, cookies, and cakes invades your nose and welcomes you inside. In Abataba's online shop, there's a good dose of creativity and originality that welcomes you to see the delicious jewelry that Ana makes.  What makes Abataba's jewelry delicious is that it is shaped like cakes, cookies, macarrons and anything you would love to eat at a bakery. If you're hungry to know more about Abataba, read my interview with Ana below.


1-The Trendy Fashionista (me): Why did you first become interested in fashion and especially in designing jewelry?  
Ana: I’m a fashion stylist, so I love fashion. I’ve been ‘designing’ (not in a professional way) jewelry for me and for my friends & family for so long, but three months ago approx., partly motivated by them, I decided to start this project and sell my designs professionally. When I started it, I was looking for something different, unique, because sometimes I felt bored of what I used to be in Fashion.

2-Why did you choose Abataba as your brand’s name? 
 I discovered this name in a palindrome’s book by chance when I was looking for the definitive brand’s name. I really liked it and I chose it.

3-Many of the jewelry you design is shaped like candy or sweets. Do you have any favorite bakeries you often go to where you get inspired?  
Not really. I love sweets but I don’t have a favourite bakery. I try to discover new shops which can inspire me, or I look for interesting and inspiring pictures, films, magazines, books. I think inspiration can be everywhere.


4-Where and how are your items produced?  
All of them are produced in Madrid (Spain). They are all handmade. I make them one by one, that’s why they are unique. And also, my sister Marta helps me a lot.

5-Among all of the multiple designs in your online shop, such as the cookie ring and the cake necklace, which one is your favourite? What is the best-selling product? 
 My favourite... I don’t know... I like all of them, but if I have to choose... maybe the chocolate sandwich necklace, the coffee ring, the silk bracelets.... that’s a difficult question :). Regarding the best-selling product, the tart rings, the chocolate sandwich necklace, croissant earrings...
*I have to say that is in Spanish and English!

abataba-collage6-In your online shop there is a page for Personalized Orders. How does that work?  
In this section, customers tell us what they want and we just make it. For instance, if they are looking for an accessory in a different colour, or if they want something exclusive... they send us an e-mail with their ideas and we come them true.

7-Have you thought about expanding your designs and creating clothes or bags?  
Yes, maybe in the future. We are thinking about it...

8-What other people make up your designing team?  
As I told you before, my sister, Marta, helps me a lot. She always has wonderful ideas!

9-Since this is a blog about fashion, how would you describe your personal style?
I like trends, of course, and it’s part of my job, but I don’t follow all of them ‘blindly’, I adapt them to me.

10-Is there anything interesting you are working on at the moment? 
 I’m always working and looking for new things. We hang up new items every week in Now I’m working on more sweet jewelry and new earrings, necklaces and bracelets. And, also, I’m starting to prepare some brooches. Our visitors will discover them so soon!  

11-Do you have any dreams you would like to achieve with your brand? 
 I’ve just started this amazing project, so I have a lot of dreams... I hope they will come true! For the time being, ABATABA is just a dream became true!!

 So, what are you waiting for and check out abataba's online shop. Abataba also has a very inspiring blog and recently joined twitter. You can follow abataba on twitter or become a fan on Facebook and get all of the latest news. I also want to thank Ana for making this opportunity possible. Thank you Ana!

Source of images:
Second collage from Abataba's blog.
Note: Collages made by me.

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