Friday, January 29, 2010

Fashion: To Haiti With Love!

More than two weeks have passed since Haiti's earthquake.  The Red Cross estimates about 45,000 to 50,000 kids and adults, people who had lifes, dreams, and hopes, have died.  Deaths are continously increasing. International ONGs, people, doctors and goverments are helping Haiti's victims as well as the Fashion Industry.

The Council of Fashion Designers of America (CFDA) and many fashion leaders such as Anna Wintour, Oscar de la Renta, Tommy Hilfiger, Donna Karan, Ralph Lauren,Diane von Furstenberg, and among many others are supporting the initiative of "a 25$  "Fashion for Haiti" T-sirt". The lime green and black logo was designed by Peter Arnell and will be avaible on a short sleeve t-shirt manufactured by Theory under the "Fashion for Haiti" label. For more information on pre-orders please see

Ralph Lauren said that “The total devastation of Haiti is unimaginable. I am always amazed by the strength, talent and compassion of our industry and now more than ever it is essential we come together and help make a difference,” 

Scarlett Johansson, the face of the Spanish brand Mango for two consecutive years, designed a handbag with the message  "Supporting the People of Haiti" and a ancient cartography of Haiti signed by the actress. 
"I'm thrilled to be collaborating with Mango to promote conscious consumerism and to benefit Oxfam's Haiti Earthquake Response Fund. By purchasing this bag, which I specially designed, you are helping to provide life saving assistance like clean water to the people of Haiti" said Johansson. This handbag will be avaible on all Mango stores worldwide on March 2010 priced at 19.90€ which will be donated to victimns of Haiti's earthquake. 

Before London Fashion Week officialy starts, Naomi Campell and Sarah Brown will be part of a charity fashion show, on February 18th.They have landed dreses from Alexander McQueen, Wivienne Westwood, and Dolce and Gabanna. Part of the profit will go to victims from Haiti's earthquake.

Our help is also needed! We, fashion blogger, should also try to think of something that can be done to help Haiti's victims.  Any ideas?

Bloggers can add the Red Cross's Haiti's widget to their blog.


-The Trendy Fashionista


  1. such a great post and such a worthy cause x

    For all things fashion:

  2. this is so inspiring. fashion is more than just wearing pretty stuff! fashion can make the world better too.


  3. This was such a great post! It's nice to know the fashion community is getting together to help.

  4. Its so good to see the fashion industry bind together for a very worthy cause.

    I agree, all fashion bloggers can help in someway as well. If you come up with any ideas, let me know!

  5. Nice ideas to support a great cause. We should all try to do more to help not just in a time of crisis, but every day.

  6. Designers and stores should donate a portion of profits to haiti, or they should make limited edition items, that arent CRAZY expensive, and everyone can afford, and donate profits. Im sure Marc or Karl could create something wonderful and charitable!

    anyway, love the pic of Scarlett!


  7. Wonderful post. So glad you took the time to let all your readers know where they could spend their money so it could best help the people of Haiti.

    One idea for bloggers to help with raising funds is by adding the "Haiti Relief" widget to their blogs. The link takes those who click on it to the american red cross site.

    This is the link Blogger posted to get banners to put up on our sites.

  8. I think that is great that a lot of people is helping with Haiti, especially the celebreties that are joinig this cause. Great Job! , xo!

  9. hi,

    just bloghopping :)

    anyway, its good to know that the fashion industry is again doing something for a worthy cause. mango, nonetheless. also featured a collaboration they did with paolo coelho for charity HERE

    i'm actually interested in the bag but i haven't seen them yet in mango stores around our area.

    ♥ joei

  10. Fashionistas have such big hearts!

    Such an important cause!


  11. great post dear!everybody should donate a little:)