Tuesday, January 19, 2010

My First Award: Kreativ Blogger Award!!!

One week ago, I was extremelly pleased to receive my first award from two amazing bloggers from HiFashion.
I really want to congratulate them for  all of the awards they have received. CONGRATULATIONS!!!

And THANK YOU  for passing the award onto me!!!

These are the rules I need to follow:

1-Make a post on my blog about 7 things people don't already know about me.
2-Pass the award onto 7 other bloggers
3-Leave a comment on each of the blogs I'm giving the award to.
4-Thank the person who gave me the award ( THANK YOU HiFashion)

So, I guess I haven't told you alot about myself yet. Well, today you'll know 7 things about me!!!

1-I don't really like saying how old I am but here's a little hint: I'm not older than 33 but I'm older than 10.

2-As Coco Chanel said " A women who doesn't wear perfume has no future" The truth is that I'm really addicted to perfume. My favorite has always been RALPH form Ralph Lauren but I also really love J'adore from Dior, Touch of Pink form Lacoste, Chanel nº5, and many other perfumes that the list would be too long. Maybe I am a Perfumeholic? :)

3- I really love travelling, especially across Europe. My favorite city is PARIS, of course!!!

4-I speak English, Spanish, and French. Right now I'm trying to learn Italian :) I just love learning how to speak differnet languages!!!

5- I'm obsessed with jewellery, which girl isn't? My favorite piece of jewelerry are earrings and necklaces.

6-I am a big dreamer and have big dreams. One of my big dreams since I was a kid is becoming a famous fashion designer. I am currently teaching myself how to sew. I love really love writting and would love to work for Vogue.

7- I really love making crafts, from hair accesories to dresses! I love making anything.

Along with the list of  7 things about me, i had to fill out5 of my favorite fashion items:

1-a Little Black Dress (the one in the collage is from Donna Karran)
2- Trench Coat from Burberry
3-Pearl Earrings (I love them)
4-Louis Vuitton bag
5- Ralph by Ralph Lauren perfume.

I pass this award onto:

You just need to follow the rules as I did. Congratulations!

I also wanted to thank you all for your support and all your lovely comments.

-The Trendy Fashionista


  1. thanks for the award!!
    it means so much :)

    my email is dot.dash.line@gmail.com by the way since you asked. feel free to ask questions anytime

  2. Congratulation on your first award darling!

  3. congrats on the award :) well deserved

  4. I loved reading this and learning more about you. Congratulations on the award! You totally deserve it!

  5. I was looking at blogs today and I found yours.
    I am glad I did! It's SO cool! Hope you don't mind if I follow you!
    -Missy May

  6. You definitely deserve this award!!! Your 7 things was fun to read. I love Paris too. I'm totally obsessed with jewellery as well!!

  7. Hey congratulations! :D
    Like the idea of the game! Its a good way to link to other blogs to get them known!

  8. Congrats on the award!
    Love that Burberry trench!

  9. Congratulations on the award darling, so well deserved! The trench coat is one of my favorite fashion items as well - every girl should have one in her closet!! :)

  10. My favorite city is Paris too :)

  11. My favorite city from Europe is also Paris and I also speak three languages ;)
    Congratulations on your award is always nice to know a little bit more of a blogger friend ;)

  12. thank you so much for this award. I am honored. How funny we love exactly the same items!!! i love RL perfume, I have that since I was in high school.


  13. Awesome post and congratulations on your first award! I was really excited and happy when I got mine and I hope you get many more to come. I loved reading all those things about you. We have a lot in common. I speak multiple languages, love to travel, obsessed with jewelry, and dream BIG! You design the clothes, and I'll style the models. ;)

  14. we are like twins when it comes to clothes and perfume! Have you ever tried Dior Pure Poison? Its my new favorite of the week!!

  15. I really want to go to Paris!
    Yummm, the Louis Vuitton speedy is gorgeous (of courseee!) and I love the Burberry trench - every girl needs a gorgeous mac ;)

    Hi, I'm ure new FOLLOWER!!! ;)

    love, Elizaaa

  16. Congrats !!
    Lovely items over there!. My favourites.