Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Guess What?: More Awards!!!

I have been extremely happy lately because I received some new awards.

The first award is the Over The Top Award! which was given to me by Jennifer Fabulous. Please check out her blog she's amazing. Thank you Jennifer!!!

Here are the rules:

#1-Thank the person who gave you the award and include a link to their blog. THANK YOU JENNIFER.
#2-The Over the Top! Award comes with a survey that must be only filled with ONE WORD.

1. Where is your cell phone? bag

2. Your hair? straight

3. Your mother? amazing

4. Your father? work

5. Your favorite food? salads

6. Your dream last night? forgotten

7. Your favorite drink? water

8. Your dream/goal? success

9. What room are you in? bedroom

10. Your hobby? fashion

11. Your fear? death

12. What do you want to be in 6 years? successful

13. Where were you last night? home

14. Something you aren't? impolite

15. Muffins? chocolate

16. Wish list item? earrings

17. Where did you grow up? Europe

18. Last thing you did? eat

19. What are you wearing? pajamas

20. Your TV? plasma

21. Your pets? none

22. Your friends? amazing

23. Your life? wonderful

24. Your mood? happy

25. Missing someone? maybe

26. Vehicle? Nissan

27. Something you're not wearing? necklace

28. Your favorite store? Mango

29. Your favorite color? blue

30. When was the last time you laughed? today

31. Last time you cried? forgotten

32. Your best friend? awesome

33. One place where I go over and over again? bookstore

34. One person who emails me regularly? friend

35. Favorite place to eat? depends

#3 Pass the award onto 10 other bloggers:

p.s.:If  I passed the award onto you just follow the rules above.

My other award was given to me by Creative Coquette Blogs. Check out her blog, you'll  find a lot of inspiration.

Here are the rules:

#1- Thank the person who gave you the award and put a link to their blog in your post. THANK YOU CREATIVE COQUETTE!

#2- Make a list of 10 things that make you happy
Here's my list of 10 things that make me happy:
*chocolate croissants

#3-I have to pass this award onto 10 other blogs

P.S.: If I passed the award onto, just follow the same rules.

The Best Blog Award was given to me by Sofi and Tati from Material Evidence. Check out their blog they take amazing photoshoots!


#1- Accept the award, post it in your blog with the name of the person who passed it onto you, and include a link to their blog. THANK YOU MATERIAL EVIDENCE! It means a lot to me, especially from two awesome bloggers like you

#2-Pass the award onto 10 blogs that you think are great.
Here are the blogs:

#3-Leave a comment on the blogs you nominated.
P.S.: If I passed the award onto you, just follow the rules  above.

Sofi and Tati form Material Evidence also awarded me The Princess Award.

#1-Thank the person who gave you the award and include a link to their blog. THANK YOU SOFI AND TATI FROM MATERIAL EVIDENCE. YOU ARE AMAZING!

#2-Mention an author you love: Sophie Kinsella
#3- Mention an author you like: Stephenie Meyer
#4- A book you love: I love books, I can't decide...
#5-Something that always thrills you: Making other people happy!
#6-Something you hate: When people are are disrespectful.
#7-Pass the award onto 7 other blogs:

P.S.:If I passed the award onto you just follow the rules above.

My last award, the Kreativ Blogger Award, was given to me by Miss Mayhem. Thank you!!!

#1- Thank the person who gave you the ward and include a link to their blog. THANK YOU MISS MAYHEM!

#2-List 7 things your readers don't know about you. I'm going to link you to a previous link I made before.

#3-Pass the award onto 7 other bloggers.
p.s.:If I passed the award onto you just follow the rules above.

-The Trendy Fashionista


  1. WOw congrats on all the awards thats awesome

    want to link exchange?


  2. Congrats on all those awards... you deserve them all. Thanks for sharing the Best Blog award with me. xoxo

  3. WOW you are a popular girl! Lol. Congrats on all your awards. :) And thanks for passing one along to me! xoxo

  4. Woow u are plenty of awards! Congrats!!

    You are always really kind!

    Thank u girrrl!!

  5. Thanks! I don´t belive! I love your Award! Kisses!

    ¡Muchisimas Gracias! ¡Aun no me los creo! ¡Me encanta tu premio!





  6. Thank you soooo much for these awards. You just made my week! I'll be sure to do a new post on this soon. :)

  7. Thank you so much!!! You definitely deserve all those awards! I love your blog, it's amazing!
    Thank you, thank you, thank you!

  8. Congrats and thank you!

    Your blog is very deserving, as you know, I love it :)


  9. Thanks so much for the award!

  10. oops posted my comment on the wrong post so again congrats on all your awards! and thanks so much again for mine, it really means a lot to me :)


  11. Nice blog...;) xoxo Eli


  12. congrats on all the awards, darling! well deserved :)

    and thank you for passing one of them to me! :)

  13. Wow ~ congrats on all your awards!
    And thank you so much for honoring me!


    P.S. I love chocolate croissants too!

  14. Ohmigosh so many awards! Congratulations my love - very well-deserved! Thank you so much for extending the Over the top Award to me - you truly are the sweetest thing ever! I too adore Sophie Kinsella! :)

  15. Hey hon, congrats on all the awards and thanks so much for passing me one! Can't wait to do the tag... I'll try to put it up next week :)

  16. congats and thanks for the award sweetie x

    For all things fashion:

  17. thank you so much!
    and I'm really happy for you because of winning all those awards! your blog deserves them! :)

  18. Thank you so much!
    And congrats for all those awards! your blog deserves them:)

  19. How many awards! Congrats!. (:

  20. Congrats on all of the awards and Thank you so much for giving me one! I love it! xo ava

  21. Thank you so much for the award!

  22. Oh darling!!! thank you very very much!!!! I will post it next week!

  23. Thank you so so much for the wonderful and thoughtful award!!!

  24. Thanks so much for the blog award! I feel like you won the academy awards with all those blog awards! :)

  25. Congrats on the awards! They are well-deserved!

  26. Congratulations on all these blog awards!!! and thank you SO much for tagging me!


  27. Ohh boy that;s so many awards! You deserve it! :) Love the header of your blog!! Lovely blog there! Following you now! :)


  28. congratulations!
    love your blog♥

  29. Congratulations on all your awards and thank you so much for mine!!