Thursday, April 15, 2010

DIY: Floral Skirt

Lately, I've been inspired by some of the floral prints of this season's catwalk seen at Dolce&Gabbana, Erdem, and DKNY. I have made a high waisted floral skirt which is perfect for those of you who are learning how to sew and those  who want to do fast, easy DIY projects. 


What you'll need:
*2 meters of  a floral print fabric (Note: I only used 1.5 meters but I would recommend to buy 2 just in case)
* additional fabric for the pockets
*elastic of 5.5 cm wide (you could also use another width but make sure it's at least 4 cm)
*sewing machine

1- The first things you want to do before you begin cutting out the fabric is to measure your natural waist and then, measure from your waist to however long you want your skirt to be ( mine is just above the knee). This fabric isn't really what I was looking for at the store but it was all they had.

2- Now carefully cut out 2 pieces of fabric which will look like rectangles. The length of the rectangle is the measurement of your natural waist, the width of the rectangle is however long you want your skirt to be. (Note: Add 2 cm to each of the measurements of the rectangle. This will help you later when you sew the seams and the hem) 

3- With the additional fabric cut out 4 pockets. You can make your own pattern or use this one here

4- Take one of the pockets and pin it on the side of the skirt fabric 8 cm from the top. Take another pocket and pin it 8 cm from the top of the opposite side. Do the same with your other rectangular piece of fabric.

5- Sew the pockets to the skirt pieces 0.5 cm away from the edge.

6-Iron the pockets and press them back

7-  Put  the 2 right sides on top of each other. Now sew the two pieces of the skirt together by leaving a 1 cm margin. First start sewing from the top and then you'll go around the pocket and then you'll finish off the side of your skirt by sewing the bottom part.    (Note: Be careful!!! You need to sew around the pocket.) Do the same to the other side.

8- Turn your skirt and gently iron the seams flat.

9- Now see if you can slide your hand through the pocket.. If you can CONGRATULATIONS! You're on the right track : )

10- Sew the hem of your skirt. If you don't know how, it's really easy. First press 1 cm flat (try to do it as even as you can) then fold it over another 1 cm and pin the hem then sew it.

11- Cut  your elastic. It should be the same length as your natural waist. (Note: By using a wide elastic your skirt will you like it has a belt)

12- Sew your elastic leaving a 2 cm margin with a thread of the same color as your elastic. (Note: I would recommend to sew it 3 times so it doesn't rip when you'll wear it).

13-With the right sides facing inward, pin your skirt to the elastic.

14-As you can see, you probably have curves. So, put your needle into the fabric and try to stretch the elastic until your fabric lays flat.

15- With your left hand hold the top end and with your right hand the back end to stretch as you'll sew.  To prevent the fabric from fraying, use a zigzag stitch.

16- If some thread is sticking out like mine is, carefully cut it.

17-  Turn your skirt and  you're ready to wear it!

I hope you enjoyed this DIY! Please if you make this skirt send me the pictures, I would love to post them in my blog. Email me at:

P.S.: Sorry for the quality of the images but my camera isn't great. I'm planing on buying a new one, any suggestions? 
Keep in mind that the skirt looks better once you wear it. If you are using a floral print like me, I would recommend to wear it with a plain top of the color of your skirt. 

-The Trendy Fashionista


  1. Love it! I need my sewing machine from my ma's house!!! xoxo

  2. I love this DIY... looks so easy... I don't have a sewing machine but with some time I can do it by hand... ;) I will try to do one definetely thank you very much!!!!

  3. Oh, well done, well done! I wish I had some more time for sewing (maybe I should blog a bit less...)

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  5. Thanks for this DIY. It seems easy! ;)

  6. Fabulous DIY... love that you added pockets. I love the print of the fabric too. xoxo

  7. Oh how adorable!! I am learning how to sew (I did that pillowcase a while back, lol) and I have been looking for a new project. I think you just gave me one to do now! Yay! Thanks for the step by step instructions. Very helpful. I'll let you know when I do this DIY. :)

  8. Those skirts have been very popular lately! And your DIY looks far from a DIY.

  9. Lovely :) good job. What is your next project?

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  11. a very nice diy! shall try this on holiday!
    mind to exchange link ?

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  12. Love the inspiration and the final product! Thanks for the how-to, darling ~ really impressive!!

    Fab weekend to you as well :)


  13. your blog is so cool, and this is very interesting, I love DIY stuff!!
    I follow you! ;)

  14. You have just inspired me to get a sewing machine! Great job! Fantastic Post...xo

  15. That does look surprisingly easy, but I bet the thought would be thrown out the window if I attempted making one.

    Nice work!

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