Thursday, April 22, 2010

Earth Day with Earth Mother.

What does Earth really mean to you? Do you care about your planet?
If you do,you probably  already know that today is Earth Day which began being celebrated 40 years ago in the United States. Now it is celebrated in most countries of the world and it's a very special day, that you can celebrate alone or with others, to show your appreciation for mother nature.  

In the April 2010 issue of Vogue, Gisele Bündchen ,the richest supermodel according to Forbes with an estimate $150 million fortune, was photographed by Patrick Demarchelier after the birth of her first child, Benjamin Rein. 

Besides being a model and an actress, Gisele is also an environmental activist and she shows us her greenest side on this month's issue.

Gisele has been an activist engaging many projects such as a project that she started with her family called Projeto Água Limpa to clean up the river near Horizontina.So far 25,000 trees have been replanted in the Amazonian forest with the profits of  a flip-flop collection under Gisele's name with the Brazilian firm Gerdene.

Besides working on making a earth conscious comic book called Gisele and the Green Team, Gisele is working on her desire to develop a line of pure skincare made of all-natural ingredients not tested on animals thoughtfully packed with recycled paper. The name of the line ,which includes a day cream, a night cream, and a mud mask, is Sejaa "to be" in Gisele's first language. The philosophy of the company is "To create products that not only nourish your skin, but your whole mind, body and soul". You can check it online here.

"I wanted to teach girls to love themselves and take care of their bodies. What is the first thing you see every morning? Your face! What do you put every day on your face? Cream! I have made the simplest, purest cream—an everyday cream—but it comes with an affirmation." says Gisele on an article by by Joan Juliet Buck, Vogue Contributing Editor.

What could be a better way than being inspired by what Gisele does to safe our planet? "The first is wake up in the morning and be grateful you are here, alive and healthy. And the second is: Give." says Gisele in April's issue cover story.

And remember, you are the change you want to see in the world so start now and check out 100 Things you can do to help our planet! It's never to late to make a change so start now.

Happy Earth Day!
Are you doing something to celebrate Earth Day? Do you have any ideas that people could do to help our planet? If so, don't hesitate and comment!
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  1. Well if my colleague, the environmental law expert in chambers, hadn't reminded me, Google would have ;) Yes, I care, and have already been guilted in to switching off my office heater today, so sitting in office in tiny tweed jacket with huge trench coat over my knees. WE love you mother earth.

  2. Gisele is awesome. Yay for activism, yay for Earth Day!

    my blog: ♥La Stylin Girraffe♥

  3. What a great cause! She's such a natural beauty!

  4. She is indeed an awesome woman... I admire her principles.

    I try to do my share by saying NO to plastics. I bring my own reusable bags to the mall and grocery. And we use unleaded gasoline in our cars. xoxo

  5. Love these photos!
    Gisele is the best!

    Happy Earth Day, darling :)


  6. Gisele is such a great role model!

  7. cool pictures
    all photos are very nice
    i will avoid flactics from now

  8. I love this post very much !! Great information ♥

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  9. Happy Earth Day! I love that photo of Gisele jumping into the water!

  10. beautiful post. i love g and think she is just stunning. can't believe she just had a kid... so not fair! can't wait to try her new skincare products.
    be a follower, not a hater

  11. i want to be on a beach somewhere xxxx

  12. Wow, I learned a lot of new things about the persona of Gisele! I didn't know she was this engaged... makes me admire her even more!

  13. That's what I always loved about Gisele - she seems healthy and down-to-EARTH. These pictures of her being so natural are lovely. I have only now learned about earth day, it's not really known here in Europe.

  14. Where would we all be without Mother Earth; The eternal feminine. Gisele is naturally pretty and the photographs of her are stunning. Here's wishing you fun and frolic this weekend. xoxo

  15. love all the pics so serene. Yay earth! Have a great weekend doll ;) xoxo

  16. Amazing pics! gizele is such an accomplished model!!! so great to see she cares a lot about environment!

    xoxo jenna