Monday, March 29, 2010

10 Spring-Summer 2010 Trends: Love it, Wear it, Style it!

"Winter is on my head, but eternal spring is in my heart."-- Victor Hugo

Spring is finally here, aren't you all so glad? It is one of my favorite seasons since its temperature isn't shivering cold but not boiling hot either. In spring and summer everyone is in much better spirits, don't you think? Spring is also the ideal weather for fashion so here are some of the trends that we'll see this season.

Prints will make you stand out from the crowd thanks to their strong grabbing impact. Try different patterns like digital prints as seen at Alexander McQueen, geometrical prints as seen at Balenciaga, cat prints as seen at Miu Miu, and the traditional floral prints as seen at DKNY.
Style it Tip: If you're wearing prints try to accessorize them with expensive jewelry to achieve a more glamorous look.

One of my favorite trends this season is the military trend which its influence was seen everywhere on the Spring runways. The light brown and khaki army jackets can be worn with a thin belt and micro leather shorts. If you want a more dress up look mix the jackets with long pants or up to the knee shorts as seen at Balmain. Wear them with chiffon dresses and sequins for a feminine touch. This trend looks special good on brunettes since  the colors, khaki and brown, look perfect with their hair. If you aren't brunette I would also recommend to try it.

The new season's must haves and summer's best way to show off your legs are shorts. Vogue's Miranda Almond says "A summer essential wear your shorts rolled up at the hem with a slouchy T-shirt, blazer, and rocking ankle boots." Get inspired from Prada, MaxMara, and Matthew Williamson for cocktail versions. For casual looks go for denim and safari styles and wear it with your favorite tee.

This season give your closet a chance to be sporty with high-tech fabrics, scuba black, and neon shades. If you want a more gentel or chic look get inspired from Hermes, Karl Lagerfeld, and Lacoste. With neoprene sandals, ergonomic cuts, and rainbow-bright fabric you'll get the look. This is a good chance to try new trends and see if you like it. Remember, is always good to try new things.

For trench lover like myself you'll be happy to know that they are back this season and they come with different lengths and with or without sleeves. You can style it with a contrasting colorful belt as seen at Marc by Marc Jacobs or with a leather belt or with a leather belt cinched at the waist as seen at Burberry. Wear it tip: Wear it with something short, drappery or sparkly to contrast with its casual style and make sure your outfit can still be seen by belting your trench coat with the buttons undone.

As we all know it  
less is more and this season white comes in different shapes, forms, and fabrics. White blazers and white shirt dressing are in, make sure to buy one. Try go to for a prairie style or architectural shapes with a hint of the 70s. This trend looks especial well on those of you who have darker skins since it contrasts with the skin color.

The African influence was everywhere on the catwalks this season. The silhouette is kept short with modern prints as seen at Marc by Marc Jacobs, Kenzo, and Givenchy. Style it tip: Accessorize it with expensive jewelry to give it a more glamorous look. Try something new this season and go for a safari style!

Unless you're some kind of movie star you won't really be following this trend but if you are try to avoid red and black and go for natural colors such as pastels. If you think it's too exposed play with chiffon and tulle layers as seen at Fendi. You can also cover up by wearing a knit cardigan, tuxedo jacket, or army jacket as seen at Jean Paul Gaultier.

If you are a girly girl this is the perfect trend for you! Wear these candy colors with tulle and sheer floaty chiffon to obtain a more elegant look. Get come inspiration from Burberry Prorsum, Viktor&Rolf, and Christopher Kane.

Denim is one of the most worn fabrics around the world so why not wear it from head to toe? Get the 90s spirit as seen at Jeremy Scott and House of Holland. Wear it tip: try to wear pachtwork jeans as seen at Chloé or ripped and frayed jeans as seen at D&G and Ralph Lauren.

Which trends will you be following? Which one is your favorite?
-The Trendy Fashionista
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  1. I love the military and the denim trend. And definitely the shorts.

    Have a great day! xoxo

  2. loved this trend report !
    im really into the underwear as outerwear trend and also the pastel colors trend !
    i've been enough with edgy stuff.. looking for some feminine things to spice up the spring season :D
    hugs and kisses ..
    glisters and blisters

  3. wow! Great post!!!!
    Loved this trend report!
    I love the military trend, the trench coat, leather shorts, pastel colors, and denim on denim!

  4. I am loving the way you put together your trend report! I vote Prints... I just cant get enough of them! Also feeling the floaty feminine pastels like Michelle!

  5. I agree, Spring is the best! Thanks for all these inspiring styles, I love the trench coats!


  6. love the prints...
    too bad it's going into winter in melbourne!

  7. wow, that was a ton of info! awesome breakdown. i love the military, print, and denim trends. well, i love all of them, but those are my favorite!!

  8. Great post doll. I love the pastels and the military look right now. The tribal prints are gorg too. xoxo

  9. I rarely follow trends, but I pretty much have something from every category, so perhaps I should just mix it all up ;-) I do love trenches (I think they're pretty much timeless) and the new-season prints! The Miu Miu ones are so adorable!

  10. This post must have taken you ages - its fab!

    Merci beaucoup for stopping by darling =]

    Stay safe and chic ma chérie,
    English Rose x

  11. wow i love the way you have all the top trends laid out here! fab post x

    For everything about fashion:

  12. wow wow wow great post, great advice and great pictures! im liking the whole double denim thang this season....can't wait for the warmer weather to kick in!!!

    lots of love

  13. I'm so excited to wear shorts again! I also am loving the pastels.

  14. very cute outfits

  15. My favourite trends for the summer are definitely shorts and prints. I can't wait to wear them both.

  16. i love this it is so nice

  17. ohmgggg! rly love the shorts, it's my favourite thing *.*
    I follow you! :)
    big kissssses.

  18. Great tips, so glad I found your blog. I'm also glad we'll be seeing trenches on the streets again this season.

  19. It's quite hard to say which trend exactly to follow because we tend to mix and match different ones around in different seasons. Still like this post though. You've definitely worked on it.