Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Be Inspired!

What inspires you? Where do you get your inspiration from?
Some people say that inspiration comes while you're working. Do you think that's true? I might agree with that. Sometimes when you're working, let's just say that you' re designing a dress, ideas can just come and go by as you're making it. Other times you feel you need something to get started with, something that inspires you, sort of like a plan A (the inspiration) which later develops into plan B (the result). The same thing happens when you're styling your outfit. Do you ever get the feeling when you don't really know what to wear, even though your closet is full of new clothes you just bought last week on a shopping trip with your best friend? 
I sometimes feel that way too, I guess everyone does. So, what do you do to get out of I-don't-know-what-to-wear bubble? I usually try to be my own inspiration. What I mean by that is not looking at yourself in the mirror and try to find something that inspires you. No, what I mean is keep your eyes open because inspiration is everywhere! At work, in the park, and even at the supermarket. There tones of places where you can find your own inspiration but one of favorites (and I'm sure it might be one of yours too)is looking at fashion magazines. Here are a couple of pictures that I have recently found and wanted to share with you. Be inspired and find your own inspiration (just remember to keep your eyes open)!

Here's a photo I wanted to share with you for a really long time. The contrast between the tight armor like bodice and the pastel pink chiffon dress is breathtaking. And added to that there's the model's pose which is fantastic.
From Amica Italy March 2010.

Loving this hippie ribal look full of layers, colors, and texture.  From Vogue Paris April 2010.

I really like to male clothing for women, you? I think it can also be feminine at the same time. From Vogue Germany March 2010.

Frida Gustavsson (one of my favorite models) in Stockholm SSAW Spring 2010.

From Zinc March 2010. I thought those blurry pictures might be really inspiring for those of you who post photo shoots on their blogs.

I hope you're having a wonderful week. Sorry if I didn't reply to all of your amazing comments but I have been very busy. Don't worry, I will reply them. Thank you for your support!
Did any of this pictures inspired you?

-The Trendy Fashionista
All of the pictures are from www.fashionising.com


  1. For me , I get my inspiration from: fashion street, magazines, celebrity etc!I try to adapt something I liked on my own style!


  2. I usually get inspired without planning it, like the other day in class, ideas started to appear in my head, and even if I wanted to pay attention and leave them for later, I couldn't stop them and had to write and draw everything that came out. But I know how it feels to look at a full wardrobe in the morning and believing it or not, you can see anything in there...nothing matches! haha
    I like getting inspired by looking at some other people's outfits, and I try to make up something at night, better than in the morning because is easier for me to find inspiration :)
    The pics you posted are really inspiring, be sure I'll take a look at them for this springs outfits when my inspiration goes on vacation ;)

  3. Great photo. I find inspiration EVERYWHERE. I like to carry a notebook with me to write it down for later.

  4. These photos are GORGEOUS and definitely VERY inspirational. I love them! :)

    I hope you are having a wonderful week so far! xoxo

  5. all such beautiful images!


  6. I love the first photo and the male clothing for women, all amazing though! Great inspiration here.


  7. Hi! I agree with you, The first photo is beautiful and very inspiring! I love the models expression and the contrast with her soft dress!


  8. This post definitely inspired me... I want to DIY that patchwork denim jacket. It is just so fab.

    I normally get my inspiration from street style blogs. I love seeing "real" people style their outfits. I don't read fashion magazines so much these days.

    Have a great day! xoxo

  9. They all did!! Do you ever do a bad post?? This is why I love you. All your posts are so fabulous!

  10. i am truly one of those people that is inspired by everything. i try and take something from every picture, experience, song, trip... everything and just do my best to make it my own... which isn't easy.

    and to answer you question, i am deeply in love with menswear for women right now! it is so super sexy and comfy and just delightful!


  11. Love your post! I do feel that way sometimes...but I always try to find a way to get inspired with my outfits! sometimes is spontaneous, sometimes i have to picture it in my head first, sometimes i just wear whatever and it turns out ok... I love looking at magazines and what people wear! most of all, i like looking at all the fashion bloggers styles! i found that fashion bloggers are very stylish.

  12. I get inspiration normally from blogs, since i moved to sweden is not easy to get inspired lost litle what´s fashion and what´s not fashion anymore but since i found this blog world i think things are working pretty well.

    why is not easy to get inspired in sweden? because i am from Brazil and we guys has totally another away to dress i love colors for exmple and in sweden girls love black and grey , not really my style.

  13. Beautiful photos! I especially like the first one :)

    When I'm feeling uninspired, I usually just take a walk throughout the city or sit by a fountain & people-watch.

    Great post!

  14. You truly post the most phenomenal photographs - each and every one of these inspired me. Beautiful!! :)

  15. beautiful blog follow mine


  16. Lovely post!
    all the pictures are amazing!!!


  17. Amazing post!! I get inspiration everywhere i go i guess!! But i love editorials and these you've picked are gorgeous!!

  18. Natasha Poly est vraiment magnifique dans Vogue <3

  19. these are all great

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