Thursday, October 21, 2010

Interview with Emilie from My Little Fashion Diary

Have you ever wanted to read someone else's diary? What if I tell you that the person who owns the diary attends all kinds of fashion events, goes to Fashion Weeks, meets celebrities, and inspires you with the pictures of her "Looks of the Day" that she keeps inside it. Would you read it? Well, if you answered yes (and I hope most of you did) Emilie,gives us the key to her Little Fashion Diary and lets us know more about her world beyond fashion.

Emilie photograped by StockholmStreetStyle

The Trendy Fashionista (me): 1-Tell me something about your life, educational background, and family. What do you actually do for living?
Emilie: 'm French, I studied Marketing and Communication and worked in Paris in fashion during 2 years.
Then I met someone in Luxembourg and moved there. 
I'm now the manager of a real estate and I'm in charge of the Communication department.
TTF: 2-How did you become interested in the world of fashion?

E: I think I've always been interested in fashion, even when I was a child :)


TTF: 3-You have recently been to Paris Fashion Week , attended amazing shows including Dior, Sonia Rykiel, Valentino, and meet many other fashion bloggers, magazine editors, and legends of the fashion
industry. How did you have that amazing opportunity that millions of girls out there would die for? What is something you will never forget 
about that adventure?
E: Going to Fashion Week is amazing.
You are there, running around, going from a show to another, meeting great bloggers, photographers, models, designers, it's a wonderful experience for any girl who loves fashion!
And it's always amazing to watch all the great looks in the street during this time of the year!
Is there anything I will always remember about this season? Well, at the Valentino show I met Alexa Chung... and she came to me to tell me how much she loved my outfit! I died!

TTF: 4-Everyone knows that during PFW, there are many street style photographers, icons of the fashion industry, and celebrities. So what are a few things to keep in mind when you have to decide what to wear to PFW?

my-little-fashion-diary_10E: The great thing is that during fashion week you can play with clothes and dress as you want! You can be creative and express yourself!
I always stick to my style and wear my favorite items like the Chanel suit or the Balmain jacket you may have seen in my posts! 
I've got some great pieces I use a few times, but in a wonderful way!

TTF: 5-From your blog’s name I’m sure many of your readers wonder if you actually keep a diary or if you have ever kept one in the past. Do you?

E: Yes, I kept a diary when I was a teenager! I really wonder where it can be now! It would be funny to read it!

TTF: 6- What or who inspires you when you style an outfit for some of your posts?
E: I take some inspiration from fashion magazines, street style blogs, my favorite is Stockholm Street Style ( I was so happy to get featured there during Fashion Week), and I like to express myself through my outfits!


TTF: 7- Autumn, your favourite season, is here. What trends are you
definitely following this season?

E: This season, I'm loving shearling, aviators jacket, leopard accessories, brown and camel tons!
TTF: 8- Do you have any dreams you would like to see become true in the next few years?

E: I would love to work for a fashion magazine ;)

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A big THANK YOU to Emilie for taking her time to answer these questions!


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    Fabulous interview and pics!


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