Monday, August 2, 2010

DIY: Cat Earrings Inspired by Miu Miu's Cat Prints (SS10)

And as fall collections start invading stores, it is time to say goodbye to our favorite collections from SS10. One of my favourite, as some of you might know, is Miu Miu’ s collection with its adorable swallows and cute cats, whom I dream all day about. So one day, while I was day dreaming about Miu Miu’s cats, I thought: “Wouldn’t it be great to have some “Miu Miu” cat earrings?”. And here I take you through every step of my dream come true.
Before you begin this DIY, I would recommend you to read the WHOLE procedure. It will prevent you from messing up.

DIY-Miu Miu cat print earrings SS10 (27)

What you’ll need:
-a good pair of scissors
- 1 black or dark blue Sharpie (permanent marker)
-Magic Plastic (also known as Shrinky Dinks) you can buy it here and 
-2 earring french hooks (you can easily find them in craft stores or ebay)
-hole puncher
-round nose pliers
-2 jump rings

DIY-Miu Miu cat print earrings SS2010- (15)

Note: READ the instructions that come with the Magic Plastic (Shirky Dinks) you bought before using it.

1-     After you’ve gathered all your materials, you’re ready to begin. The first thing you need to do if print the cat template (the outline) that I made. To do so click here: Make sure the cat is about 9 cm.

2-     Place the template under the Magic Plastic with the rough side facing upwards. With a dark blue Sharpie (or permanent marker) outline the cat. Be careful not to move and try to be as precise as possible!!

3-     Now, carefully cut the cat by going around its outline. Leave some space at the tip of the tail , like in the picture below, to hole punch it later (see step 6)
DIY-Miu Miu cat print earrings SS2010- (32)
4-     Repeat step #2 and 3  so you’ll have 2 cats(one for each ear).

DIY-Miu Miu cat print earrings SS2010- (19)

5-     Preheat the oven to 135º C (Read your instructions because the temperature might be different)

6-     Hole punch the bit of plastic you left on the tip of the tail in step # 3. Be careful,try to make the hole in the center is possible.
DIY-Miu Miu cat print earrings SS2010- (38)

7-     Place the cats in the middle of a piece of carboard (or tinfoil) with the rough side facing upwards and then put on a tray. Next, put them in the oven (this will make them shirk3 to 4 times its size)  The instuctions that come with the Magic Plastic when you purchased it should tell you how long to leave it in the oven. (Note: it’s usually 3 to 5 minutes).
DIY-Miu Miu cat print earrings SS2010- (36)

(Note: the shape of the cats might come out a bit irregular but that's normal)

8-     Once the cats are flat, take them out of the oven . Be careful not to burn yourself.

9-     Wait a few minutes until they cool down. Then, you’ll need to the earring hooks through the wholes of the cat’s tails. To do so, look at the pictures below that clearly show the procedure.
DIY-MiuMiu cat print earrings SS10-STEPS
10- Now, you’re ready to wear these adorable cat earings inspired by the Miu Miu cat prints from SS 2010. Your friends will love them to and probably ask you to make some for them :)
DIY-Miu Miu cat print earrings SS10 (30)

I hope you liked this DIY and feel free to try it at home. They are really easy to make! Good Luck.
P.S.: Another thing you couls try is make a necklace!

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P.S.: Please if you want to borrow this DIY idea, give me credit for it. Thank you :)


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